繁體字訂購單 简体字订购单

Order Form (PDF;  excel-xls file  )
Order Instruction:                     
1.[Meizhou Chinese] does not have a retail sales department.  Please download order form (PDF;excel-xls file) and write everything out in all the spaces without missing information.  If you have any additional instructions, please put them in the notes section.

2.Using EXCEL file, the person placing the order only needs to fill in the correct number of copies, taxes and postage, the form will calculate the correct sum total owed.

3.  Meizhou Chinese has Traditional Chinese edition and Simplified Chinese edition.  The Simplified Chinese textbook and homework both have Hanyu Pinyin.  The Traditional Chinese textbook, word flash cards both have Zhuyin and Hanyu Pinyin, and the homework has either Zhuyin or Pinyin edition.  When ordering the Traditional Chinese edition, please select the homework edition (Zhuyin or Pinyin) and specify which.
Example1:  If you are ordering five copies of Simplified Chinese, please write 5 in the ‘Simplified’ column.
Example2:  If you are ordering five copies of Traditional Chinese, three of which are Zhuyin homework, and two of which are Pinyin homework, please write 3 in the Z column, and 2 in the P column.

4.California orders must include sales tax.  Please go to http://www.sale-tax.com/California to find out the tax rate of your location.  All other states do not need to pay sales tax.

5. After filling out the order, please mail the order from and a check to Meizhou Huayu.  After receiving the order and the check, the order department will email to acknowledge the receipt, and forward the order to the mailing department.

Check Payable:MZHY Editors Group (美洲華語編印組)
Mailing Address: 41 Eaglecreek, Irvine, CA 92618

We accept payment through PayPal, but there will be a 3% processing fee. If you wish to pay through PayPal, please email services@mzchinese.org. PayPal payments are limited to domestic (U.S.) bank accounts and credit cards, as payments from foreign accounts require a higher processing fee.

7. The mailing department mails orders once a week.  For orders received prior to Friday, the order will be mailed by Priority Mail or UPS prior to the following Monday.

8. The order form is included in the shipment.  After you receive the shipment, please verify your order against the order form.  Please keep your order form, stamped with ‘Paid in full’ by MZHY, as MZHY does not provide another receipt.

9.Taiwan’s OCAC subsidizes $6.80 per copy.  Please retain a photocopy of your order form before mailing, for use with your application for the subsidy.

10. To date Meizhou Huayu hase completed Level K~Level10.  For sample textbook and downloading order form, please go to website: http://www.mzChinese.org or http://ncacls.org (National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools).

11.Thank you for using Meizhou Chinese.  We welcome your suggestions.  Tel: 714-628-1899 Email: services@mzChinese.org